Friday Bangers: Pete Woods #50shadesoffridaythe13thbangers


Last time I played Gigantic was a bit mental, cannot wait to get back in tonight. Had a good bit of time during the week to get my shit together, so I’m packing heat this evening! Friday bangers first though, so here goes!

Saddened to hear of Steve Stranges passing last night, will definitely be playing this one tonight.

I’m not a huge fan of Scubas newer stuff, especially after how unbelievable his dubstep stuff was, but this bangs every time.

Always love anything to do with Wu Tang, especially ODB and his mental ramblings, beat on this is one of my favourites and Mya’s voice is just silky.

Tempa T scares 50 shades of shit out of me, but what a bate. My preferred version of the many great remixes and mash-ups of this.

And now, please stand for our national anthem. Friday 13th… spoooooky!


Gigantic Requests Recap 06/02/15


The standard of requests on Friday was well high. Real high. It set the tone for the whole night, tbh. First off, someone asked for ‘any Biffy Clyro’. I figure that if you’re asking for ‘any’, then you’re a fan, and so take it as an excuse to play ‘Justboy’. Went down a treat.

After this. one of the best requests actually came from Darragh McCullagh and his mates. They started out by asking for ASIWYFA ‘7 Billion People All Alive At Once’ as the last tune. This was actually the first time I’d ever had this track requested, so I figured I had to play it.

It was meant to be my last song, but then Cassy came up and asked for ‘some old school Modest Mouse’. I hadn’t been asked for anything like that in ages, so I figured I’d be cheek and squeeze in ‘Float On’ to finish the night. It is still great to see a dance floor giving it stacks to this track.

…and my personal highlight of the night was playing Panama Kings ‘Children’, because Niall Kennedy was in the club. Better still, was the fact that even after all these years the track still gets people dancing. Testament to a great tune.

Big big love to Niall, Owen, Kevin, Cassy, Davey, Nikki, Aidan, Julieanne, Megan, Ruth, Darragh, Stu, and everyone else who danced and grooved.

Friday Bangers: Bigger Than Hip Hop Special


So, we’ve just announced today that we’re going to be doing a pure hip hop party in two weeks time. To mark this, today’s Friday Bangers are all hip hop flavoured, and picked out by Jonny Tiernan.


Friday up is a brand new fresh slice of hip hop that only surfaced a few days ago. It’s produced by Gold Panda, and his glitchy, juttering, electro beats are the perfect accompaniment to sharp and astute rhymes.

I don’t know why, but this song just keeps popping back into my head and lodging itself there. This can be especially embarrassing when it pops in during a stroll to the shops, and I find myself swaggering about feeling all gangsta, but more than likely looking as if I’m just half-cut.

Is Hipster Hop a genre? Probably, but I can’t be bothered to Google. Anyway, Sage Francis is probably the King of the genre I pretty much just invented. Look at him, he as a big beard, thick rimmed glasses, and he raps about childhood feels. Seriously though, this is a great song.

And what about Death Grips? They come across like a bit of an art project. Kind of like the KLF, but not burning a million quid. Actually, they’re nothing like the KLF, but they are bloody good.

And finally I’m just gonna leave this party hip hop classic here, because if you don’t like party hip hop you probably don’t even like breathing, and should stop doing that immediately.

And here is the link to the Facebook event. Yeahhh boiiii!


Friday Bangers: Pete? Would.


Friday Bangers time again, psyched as hell for tonight to get back in after Jonny and I went a bit mad on it the last time. You can also catch me playing an American themed set on Sunday in the Hudson prior to that ultimate ‘Murica, The Superbowl.

Kicking it off with a tune I’ve been playing since I started DJing in the house when I was 16. Out to James from the now-deceased Belfast Guitar Emporium (now the wonderful Woodworkers) who was the first to play me Soulwax and get me into dance music properly, memories my first rave-up at Belsonic 09 with Boys Noize & 2manydjs.

Reminiscing again, remember when Lil Wayne was great? Really hefty beat as well.

Nicki Minaj just dropped one of the best albums of 2014 (barring Anaconda), well worth checking out for anyone who likes Hip Hop. The “pussy” verse in this is totally ridiculous, Nicki well and truly back.

Upping the tempo a bit with a tune I really love, shamelessly. The PC Music fad passed a lot of people by with how bubblegum it is, but if you’ve a penchant for overly sweet music (like myself) you can’t help but love it. Honourable mention goes to Sophie for being weird as hell and practically inventing a genre by himself.

Fuck it, all out with the biggest party tune I can think of. 1 tune wreck the dance material. This is the original version, before the record companies got at it and put the hook in. It also includes the banned (but really hype) “shoot it” verse which was removed because people kept actually shooting each other to it.

And I’ll just round it off with the most American song I can think of, an all-time classic which I will definitely be playing Sunday and I may well play tonight. I also request that anyone who’s making posts about coming down tonight mention that they are “hulking up” for what’s gonna go down. WOOO spring break


Gigantic Is Fucking Class


Gigantic is fucking class. It really is. I know I’m dead biased, and I always bang on about it, but Friday night made me wile happy. When you’re promoting a club night every week, you never really know how it’s gonna go, and when things happen that have never happened before, then you know it’s been a good one. Here are the highlights for me:

  1. Playing nothing but post-punk for the first hour, and having people dance to it. When people are getting their groove on to bands like !!!, Radio 4 and Friendly Fires, it makes me feel hella good.
  2. The new smoke machine. It’s amazing how much more the lighting in the club stands out with a bit of smoke. This combined with the red lighting in the room makes it come across like the kind of place you might find in Berlin. Which I love, obviously.
  3. Having a plate of digestive biscuits with cheese and butter brought to the DJ box (props to Michael for this!). It’s safe to say this was the first time I’ve ever had blue cheese with digestives while DJing, but I don’t think it will be the last. I even got myself a wee glass of red wine to go with it. Good living.
  4. Miguel and Claire getting their vogue on to Madonna. And Miguel’s moves in general. He’s pretty much the only guy I have ever seen do real life slut drops. Absolute hero.

My own personal music highlight was playing this song in a DJ set for the first time ever. Played the live version too, because it’s immense.

As always, big ups to all the regulars like Stu, Hollie, Debra, Jamie, Beth, Miguel, Ben, Liam, Claire. Chris. Shauna, Davina, Kim, Dave and everyone else who shook a tail feather.


Throwback Thursday: The Knife


For some reason the Jose Gonzalez version of this song has been playing everywhere I have been for the past few days. It is a great cover version, and one that some may argue is better than the original. It totally changes the style of the track, but to be honest The Knife edge it out for me. I’m just a sucker for electropop.

This used to be a bit of an anthem at Gigantic, with some of the regulars asking for it every week. Totally spoiled getting requests like this. A joy to play.

Two For Tuesday: Ships


Ships are a slightly mysterious two-piece electropop act from Dublin. If electroclash didn’t seem like such a dated term, you could use that here too. They would put you in mind of Ladytron, with a dash of The Human League thrown in for good measure. There is dark edge, but it’s all moulded with a bit of a funk. These two tracks are from a double a-side single they put out a while ago. Well worth a dash of your chosen currency. Get it here, and get to know them on Facebook too.


FAUX’s Friday Bangers


Greetings earthlings! As the previous post pointed out the Christmas period was hectic craic, non-stop fun and constant vibes. It was also an absolute pleasure DJing so much with Jonny Tiernan, even more pleasurabe given that he is a jet-setting maverick who could be in any country, at any time. nobody knows (i think he’s in Poland this weekend? driving there, no doubt in a top spec German engineered automobile). Anyway, here’s a selection of bangers to keep you warm on a terrifyingly windy January Friday.

DOOF! As simple as it is savage, like a rhythmical riot. listen to this loud, very loud. Then make rave faces, you know the ones.

The first Spank Rock single in a few years and with production from Boys Noize Records, it does not disappoint. The Baltimore born and influenced artist raps over explosive drums and a womping baseline from the German label head. Punk the base.

Another massive east coast sound was the Philly Soul scene. Teddy Pendergrass was one of the pioneers of this disco inspiring genre and this track is one of the biggies from the time. Dimitri From Paris gave it a rejig 33 years later to keep it fresh for dance floors and the result is beautiful. Rolling vibes from start to finish. Also, DJ Sneak sampled it. So you know it’s good.

Have i posted this recently? don’t care, still amazing. This track has everything, saccharine sweet vocals by Mariah, ODB spitting absolute nonsense (Me and Mariah go back like babies with pacifiers) and an effing chugger of a bassline sampled from the Tom Tom Club. Time to strut whilst dribbling down your chin.


Two Weeks, Total Craic


Maybe it’s my advancing years, but it just takes me that little bit longer to recover from a session than it did in my youth. And given the sheer number of mega sessions I had in Belfast over the Festive Fortnight, it has taken me up until now to feel like a normal(ish) human being again. I tried to cram in as many DJ gigs as possible during my two weeks back in Belfast, and while they were all in the wonderful behemoth that is Lavery’s, each night was completely different. Here are my highlights, and the tunes that stuck out with me for each.

The Vs Battle with Pete Woods

So, it’s the first night that I’m back and it’s a case of starting as you mean to go on. Pete Woods and I were having a DJ battle, playing back-to-back all night, and it’s fair to say things got a little bit out of hand. The club was totally sold out by midnight, and we took advantage of the packed dancefloor by playing some absolute bangers and nonsense. To be honest, I looked over my playlist and was like “Did we really play that?!”, but I guess we did! It was also the first night I got to play this remix, which was about bloody time. Pete played a stormer, and I can’t wait to DJ with him again.

Monday Night Oscillate Insanity

Monday night, yeah? Quite one, yeah? Nothing too heavy, yeah? WRONG. The FAUX boys have taken over Monday nights in Lavery’s Back Bar, and the brief for the night is electronic music, from every avenue with no restrictions. They invited me down to play on the last Monday before Xmas, and given the music policy I was all over it like a sexy rash. It was an opportunity to unearth the kind of tracks that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to air. You know when you’re dropping Dave Clarke followed by Gesaffelstein before 11pm, and some random guy is screaming in your face telling you that he loves it, that it’s all going to go completely off. And it sure did. Couldn’t believe how many people were going absolutely nuts to this track when it was played.

And I must let it be known that Scott FAUX is a true hallion who kept giving me beers, and the consequences were less than desirable the next day.

Monday night raves for the absolute win.

The Gigantic Boxing Night Dance Party

What better way to work off the overeating and indulgence of the holidays than by dancing it clean off at Gigantic? No better way. It was once again another total ravetastic danceathon. This time it was the turn of Mark FAUX to completely destroy the club. I DJ’d back-to-back with him, and the vibe was that we would play nothing but quality dance music all night. And this we did. It ran the gamut from funky house and disco reedits, to outright techno (hello Crispy Bacon!) and silly bangers. The crowd went pure bananas too. By the end, everyone was crowded in the front of the DJ set up, pumping fists and roaring. This got dropped, and it was just ridiculous. It also ended up being a fixture of every DJ set I played after that. Sometimes steaky bangers rule.

The highlight for me though was when Mark played this as the last track. It’s one of my favourite songs of all time, and I wasn’t sure how it would go down at the end of the night, but to my surprise everyone loved it and danced like champs. Of course, we should have left it there, but we ended up playing three more ‘last songs’ instead and really tore the hole out of it. Still, Christmas etc.


New Years Eve

Ah, New Years Eve, it’s a tricky one alright. On one hand, everywhere is always bunged and people are mad up for the party. On the other hand, everyone tends to go too big too soon, and we all know a night out should be a marathon not a sprint. The Ballroom of Lavery’s is now like a fuppin super club. Massive visuals screen, incredible lights, and a wicked stage set up. When the countdown approached the atmosphere was amazing, and at the stroke of midnight loads of confetti rained down and it felt proper magical. Loved it. It turned into one big party, which also turned into an after-party, which then turned into an after-after-party. I’m not R Kelly, so there was no hotel lobby. It was mega craic all-round. This was my favourite tune of the night, and this one goes out to Paul Dickson, who was doing the lights at the club and dancing on stage like a champ.

Beat Connection Beats

As well as all of the special events over the period, I also DJ’d the Saturday nights at Beat Connection in the Ballroom of Lavery’s. Of course, while these might not be ‘special’ one-off events, they’re still completely incredible. As I said above, the set-up is just so good now and it’s such a good club to play in and be a part of. I tend to play stuff that is a bit more dancey, and it’s great to see people going for it. The crowd has been really good on the Saturday nights too. Each week, this is the track I had been using for soundcheck, and I also dropped it in two of my sets. I was surprised at how much it went off each time, and it really made my night.


And a final special bonus mention has to go to Oisin DSNT for the last Saturday I played before heading back to Berlin. Oisin and I always have the best craic when we are working together. He does the visuals for the club, creating the content and setting the identity, and also being the VJ on the night when he can. DJing alongside him is max banter, because 1) he is always up for dancing, and 2) he has pretty good taste in music, and 3) he loves camp disco. Every time we are on stage together it just seems to get a bit more ridiculous, and last Saturday was the absolute pinnacle. Paul Dickson was doing the lights on stage too, and both Mark FAUX and Scott FAUX were there too, and on numerous occasions we all ended up dancing together like eejits. For some reason, this song popped into my head earlier in the day, and it turned out I didn’t have it in my collection. I figured I would buy it, and if the moment came then I would have it to play. Well, with five guys dancing on stage it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to drop it. I felt it was a bit of a gamble, and I wasn’t sure if it would work, but to my delight everyone went mad for it.

Big big love to everyone who danced and hung out in the club when I was back. Special mentions for Cat, Suzie, Rosie, Katie, Simon, Teena, Hollie, Tom, Kim, Carly, Nik, Rachel, Nadine, Erin, Pascaline, Aaron, Matt, Robbie, Piars, Mark, Molly, Dave, Lisamarie, Lily, Tracy, Stu, Paul, Samantha, Sarah, Dermot and every other lovely dancer. It was great to see old faces and new folk. 2015 has a lot to live up to.


Saturday Looks Good To Me #2


It’s time for a bit of dance music. Tbf, it’s nearly always time for a bit of dance music, but it’s especially important to indulge a bit on a Saturday. These are three tracks that I’m gonna try to squeeze into the dancey part of the sets I play on a Saturday night in the Ballroom of Lavery’s.

First up in a nice little groover from Julio Bashmore. He has a deft touch, and this tune bubbles along on a nice little funky bass. Good one for the early part of the night.

Some people out there probably think that Duke Dumont is all about the chart house bangers, but he’s not, as this acid tinged track illustrates.

And finally we have Chris Laker completely turning Prince on his head. Just can’t get enough of this edit.

As always, if you’re in Belfast tonight, head to the Ballroom of Lavery’s for beats, bass and banter.