Friday Bangers #34

It’s time I faced up to the facts, I have an unstoppable addiction to electro pop. I just can’t get enough of it, I think I have a genuine problem. I had to include a sort of indie track this week in an attempt to redress the balance, and even that still has an electro bent.

Anyway, on with the tunes. First up is a track by the ever reliable Gigamesh. I’ve been caning Gigamesh remixes for years, and his own tracks are every bit as good as the ones he works on. This is a straight up dancefloor banger.

Next up is Warpaint, and a tune from their new self-titled album. It’s called ‘Disco //Very’, and I do love a wee play on words.

And the last tune is my favourite of the bunch this week. It’s the unstoppable Grum, with the club edit of his tune ‘Can’t Shake This Feeling’. It reeks of the 80s, which is a great smell if you ask me.

See you on the dancefloor.


Friday Bangers #33


It seems that I make these kinds of posts too often. You know, where I apologise for not blogging often enough, and I promise that things are gonna change and I’ll blog more frequently from now on, and please forgive me, and all that shit. It happens all the time, and I think I just need to face up to the fact that it’s always gonna be like this. I’m not even gonna make excuses or try to explain myself, or tell you what has been keeping me so busy. No, I’m just gonna post up three super sweet bangers and get on with it. So here goes…

First up is a tune that I’ve been loving for a few weeks, and you know why? Because it’s ELECTRO POP! LONG LIVE ELECTRO POP! It’s an absolute belter of a track that reminds me of loads of things that I can’t put my finger on. That’s the sign of a good record, if you ask me (which you just did, in your head).

I have no idea what they are singing about in this song, because it’s all in French. They could be talking about how much they like disembowelling dogs for all I know. It doesn’t really matter what they are saying because everything sounds cool in French. You just can’t beat bit of quality French indie.

Prince has been popping up all over the show lately, doing impromptu gigs, releasing records, and being generally princely. I don’t know how he gets away with being so creepy. Actually, I do. It’s by being sickeningly talented musician and purveyor of incredible songs. Still a bit of a creep though. Here’s a cheeky reedit of a Prince classic. Enjoy!

Future Islands on Letterman


We’ve been big fans of Future Islands at Gigantic for years now (check out this blog post from 2012, with three of their best tracks). They feel like a weird anomaly in the modern world of music. They’re not playing to a trend or trying to be part of a current sound, they’re just doing what they do, and making it work.

Obviously it helps that their frontman Samuel T. Herring is a consummate performer, throwing shapes and pulling faces like nobodies business. The fact that he is doing on on Letterman to a global audience of MILLIONS is just marvellous. Our hero.

Friday Bangers: FAUX Shizzle


This weeks special guests at Gigantic are the incredibly talented and remarkably handsome FAUX DJs. They kindly agreed to pen todays Friday Bangers post, and their choices are deadly. Take it away boys…


When we play out you’re going to get a big range of tunes but for this Friday Bangers post we wanted to keep it as current as possible and as true to the Bangers concept as possible. We’re keeping it electronic and we want to melt the face right off of your face.

To us, a banger is a tune that can the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It will make you want to fist pump. It will make you want to put your hood up and get serious about your dancing. It will have at least one moment when you want to shout, ‘FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK THIS IS SO GOOD!’ No matter where you are or when you hear it you will want to close your eyes and open them to find a room/field/bunker full of like minded individuals doing the same thing as you, getting caught up in the music. At least that’s the idea.

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

Starting with a bit of a slow burner. When this track starts you think you’re just listening to another electronic house tune then you get a liquid bass line to focus your attention and things start to become a little bit ‘Rez’. Avery keeps adding layer after layer to production more and more onto you until you’re gasping for air. Then there’s that breakdown. Jesus.

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

According to Jackmaster, king top bossman at Numbers records and part of the Lucky Me collective, this song is cocaine in aural form and, if I may be so bold as to quote him verbatim, ‘Up The Bolivian Marching Powder Troops!’ Indeed, ahem. From the man who brought you the ubiquitous ‘Inspector Norse’, this has been released to whet the appetite before ‘It’s Album Time’, which is Terje’s first album despite the fact that it feels like he’s been around longer than Jesus.

Sub Focus – Turn Back Time (Special Request remix)

This is a special one because it’s not on our new mix because it’s far too super ultra fresh (well to me anyway). Oooof! Dem strings. Going in hard pop tune from Special Request aka Paul Woolford. He’s still on that piano house vibe from ‘Untitled’ (THE biggest banger of 2013) and the bass is doing all the right things to move your insides in the current uncertain financial climate. Less said about the original the better but this was on the release back in December and went to number 10. It’s probably Woolford’s most accessible tune to date and it’s possible a major label could be releasing it in it’s own right. Could Special Request have a Top 10 single? Christ knows but this is big.

If this hasn’t satiated your need for bangers (or you want to hear a few of these in context) we’ve just pulled together a new mix full of the things. Get it here:

Other mixes available at our sound cloud:

Look out for a more relaxed mix coming soon.
Also follow us on twitter @fauxdjs.

Come Down With Me #11


Oh sweet, sweet Sunday. You really can’t beat guilt-free pottering and lounging. Today has been mainly spent alternating between both of those activities. If you’re currently partaking too, here are a few tunes for you to listen to in the background to smooth you along.

To me, this track sounds like melting chocolate – gooey, runny and delicious. I do find it a bit weird that The Internet are an offshoot of OFWGKTA, and I think they’re better.

I really like the wistful, dreamy vibe of this tune, and it reminds me a lot of The Whitest Boy Alive, which is always going be a Good Thing. Must remind myself to investigate more Outfit tunes.

And finally this is just a song that I keep going back to. It’s from DJ Shadow‘s last album, and is one of the highlights. I just adore the Little Dragon vocal.

Friday Bangers #31


The bad news is that this is the only post I’ve had time for this week. The good news is that there is a bevvy of new tracks lined up for next week already. The additional good news is that all of the tunes today and certified bangarangers, and will definitely give a bit of zip to your Friday.

First up we have YACHT‘s recent single ‘Plastic Soul’. It was released on cassingle format. Now, usually I hate on cassettes because they are a bit rubbish, but YACHT can do pretty much whatever they like and I will still love them because they are GOLDEN. Away and buy the single online nai, you can also pick up a sweet remix of it by the equally awesome Gramme.

And next we have a wicked tune by Hyper Crush, who are from L.A. and who look completely ridiculous. See below.


Don’t let that put you off, this tune is banging in a way that M.I.A. can relate to.

And finally we have a bit of a throwback here. I started playing this track because Cate Walshe requested it on the Gigantic Facebook page, and I haven’t stopped playing it since.

Enjoy the tunes, and if you’re in Belfast and fancy hitting the club tonight, zip over the the Facebook page or Twitter and shout out for guest list.


Friday Bangers #30


In the true spirit of turning 30, the Friday Bangers are just motoring on like nothing is happening. La la la, nothing to see here…

The tracks today are all absolutely splendid. Kicking things off we have the new single from St. Vincent. Brian Coney and Andrew Lemon both asked me for this song before I had it. They are two gents with fine taste, so it is now a firm staple of the set.

Next up is another wonderful cut from Shit Robot. I’ve been caning ‘Feels Real’ for an incredible amount of time, and I reckon this is gonna be getting the same treatment.

And finally we have one of my all time favourites, Chromeo. They’ve enlisted the vocal talents of the marvellous Toro Y Moi for this tune. Love Toro Y Moi, love Chromeo, love this song. LOVE.

Throwback Thursday #6

Rod Stewart

This could well be the cheesiest post I’ve put up on Gigantic, and I don’t even care, all the songs are classic. The germ for the post was planted when hanging out with my friends Cat and Stu in Berlin. We were on a YouTube video surfing rampage sparked by Jimmy Nail ‘Ain’t No Doubt’ (what a tune, eh?), which led to all kinds of amazing places. My pick was Rod Stewart ‘Young Turks’, because I have an inexplicable love for it. It occurred to us that it sounds a fair bit like Bruce Springsteen ‘Dancing In The Dark’. We thought that auld Rod had ripped off Brucey baby, but it turns out that Young Turks predates Dancing In The Dark. There ya go!

I’ve rounded the post off with Billy Idol ‘Dancin’ With Myself’ as it’s an absolute belter in the same vein.

Friday Bangers: Andy Campbell Vs Dom Brogan

Tonight at Gigantic there will be a fight in which everyone wins. The two DJ behemoths of Andy Campbell and Dom Brogan are going to be having a DJ battle to the death. Tunes will be their weapons, and they’ve each got an arsenal that would easily blow up a small country (probably Lichtenstein). It’s basically as if King Kong and Godzilla had mad DJ skillz, and a bigger grudge (I’m making the grudge part up, Dom and Andy make out all the time).

I’ve asked Andy and Dom to pick out three tracks each that they feel will pummel the other into submission (safe words not even allowed). Here they are, in their own words.

Andy’s Picks

Kiesza – Hideaway
With the deeper side of the house scene exploding in popularity in recent times, it’s very hard to find ‘that one track’ that sets apart from the others. Luckily ‘Hideaway’ has one of those vocals, you simply cannot ignore – a simplistic production, with a warm bouncing bassline, this is one of the tracks you’ll hear at the start of the night and will instantly put you in the mood.

Strip Steve – The Funktion
Strip Steve is an German DJ/Producer whose tracks I discovered, ironically, through my love of French electro-disco. However ‘The Funktion’ has really broke the mould, and just goes to show how far you can go with intelligently structured percussion. To sum up this track in a phrase – volume up, lights down, strobes on.

Redlight – 36
’36′ is the latest track from renouned Grime/Garage/DnB artist, Redlight. I cannot stop listening to this little gem, a surprising collaboration akin to Indie Dance meets Electro-Pop, in just the perfect harmony you’d imagine!

Dom’s Picks

Clean Bandit – Rather Be (The Magician Remix)
One of the big tunes of the year gets a magician makeover to make it an absolute banger. That synth line is too good!

Tensnake – Love Sublime
It’s been a while since Tensnake has been on my radar but when I saw he was collaborating with Nile Rodgers I knew I had to hear it. It doesn’t disappoint either.

Disclosure – F For You
How to you improve on an already banging track? You get one of the biggest vocalists in the world to sing on it! Mary J Blige adds a great, soulful verse to this that makes me want to dance like crazy. So good.

Back With The Bangers


I took last weekend off from the blog as I was galavanting around Berlin for a few days. Back on track now, and returning with some super strong bangers. They’re all massive tunes, arguably almost too obvious, but they’re just the songs that I can’t get enough of right.

Kicking it off with my current total favourite jam. I listen to this song about five times a day at the moment, and I’m determined to try and make it a peak time banger. Can we all get on board with that? It’s probably the poppiest Twin Shadow track, but if you don’t shake a tail feather and throw your hands in the air when you hear this, then you’ve got problems. An absence of ears and a soul being pretty high up there.

Next up is a track that is kind of become a big Radio 1 hit, and that makes me happy. The more people who are subjected to super happy electro pop on a regular basis, the better.

And finally this tune is already ridiculously big, obviously, but I’ve only started playing it for the past few weeks and so I’m still getting frisky with it on a regular basis. Danny Morgan Ball can take the credit for getting it onto the playlist. Good man himself.

If you’re looking guest list for the club tonight, head on over to the Facebook page and hit it up.